Infertility Overview

Infertility Overview

To not conceive a child is not a rare case anymore, around 15% couples in the world come under this community. Therefore, science did it wonder and came up with some great treatments. The IVF treatment is one solution to the problem as well. After a year of no child but regular unprotected intercourse one should definitely turn to a doctor to get checked up. On the other hand, male infertility treatments are also now available.


 Male infertility is found to be one of the most common reasons out of all. Not being able to conceive a child might make you uncomfortable, doubtful or even stress you out a lot. But there are many ways to overcome the issue.


The reasons to infertility in man can be very simple and obvious as well. It may be due to a genetic defect, abnormal sperm production, infections, HIV or even diabetes.


The common causes may include

To penetrate or reach the partners egg the sperm must be moving, that is abnormal movement of sperm may not reach the egg.

The male testicles are built in the age of puberty. These need to function properly to be fertile. At least one must function properly.

The number of your sperm count lower than 15 million semen per millimeter has a very low chance of reaching the partners egg.


Spinal injury, surgery of the bladder, diabetes or even urethra may cause issues in ejaculation. This is when the sperms move into the bladder than to the tip of the penis.

In some various cases surgeries or chemotherapies also effect the male fertility.

There is a term called anti bodies which are actually the immune system cells that mistakenly attack the sperms thinking they are harmful to the bodies.

The swelling of the veins that actually drain the male testicles is known as varicocele. This is the most common cause of male infertility. However, depression emotional stress, weight, smoking tobacco, drug or alcohol use may also affect the pregnancy ratio. As stress tends to interfere with hormones that are producing sperms for the human body or depression may cause sexual dysfunction as well. You can find help for both male and female infertility everywhere now, such as there are many IVF clinics in Dubai.