Facts About Water

Facts About Water

There is a research that if you don’t get food for four to five days, then you still have a better chance of surviving if you still had water. And then there are some of us who don’t drink water at all and that can lead to many diseases. According to water tank manufacturers in UAE, it is high time that we save water because water is decreasing fast in the world and the world can lead to apocalypse if water vanishes.

If you want water to remain fresh and germs and save water at the same time, then we suggest that you contact the best steel tank manufacturers in UAE. It will also keep your water cool. There are researchers and scientists who are working day and night to make sure that they convert dirty water into drinkable water and it should be save. If you are doing something similar, then we suggest that you keep reading some amazing facts about water.

  1. If you are looking for the freshest water in the world then you will have to dig down a lot because 30 percent of the world’s freshest water is in the ground.
  2. When we go for a hike, we feel too much thirsty but don’t use snow just like that as water, make sure to boil it and strain it because 1.7 percent of the frozen water in not drinkable.
  3. United States seems to do everything more than required because it is estimated, roughly, that the country uses 400 billion gallons of water in a day. But most of this water is used for thermoelectrical power production. This means that even if you take out what thermoelectrical power production uses, an average U.S. citizen uses 100,000 gallons of water in a year.
  4. Water is the most soluble substance because in water, you can dissolve almost any kind of chemical and almost anything.
  5. If you want your soda cans to get chilled quickly, then put the soda can in ice and put salt on the ice, it will cool faster. It actually works!
  6. In the farm, almost 6800 gallons of water is required to grow food for a family of four persons.
  7. A pint of beer has 20 gallons of water in it.

How to Set Up a Business in UAE – Five Tips To Ponder About

How to Set Up a Business in UAE - Five Tips To Ponder About

Whether it’s a Dubai mainland business set up or elsewhere in the UAE, setting up a business is indeed a daunting and formidable task. There are a number of requirements to be fulfilled and many people would back out just from the sight of these pre-requisites. However, focusing on the ultimate rewards should be kept in mind. People who consider their long-term goals as more important meet successful at every level.

Let’s read some tips below while you plan to set up a business in the UAE:

1. Identify the business and its scope that you are going to establish. To yield more profits, you should search for the industries in demand. For instance in Dubai, the real estate, exports, nightclubs, job agencies, and childcare are the fields having vast business opportunities.

2. You should be well-informed about the ownership requirements in which 51% participation by UAE nationals is required of any established companies. However, business set up in UAE Free Zones such as Jebel Ali and Airport Free Zones are exempted from this rule. If you are considering getting into general partnerships, know that it is limited to UAE nationals only.

3. Secure your business license which is a requirement for any business. Dubai has three kinds of licenses; commercial licenses which cover all kinds of trading activities, professional licenses which cover professions, services, craftsmen, and artisans, and the third is the industrial license that covers all industrial work. Remember that there are licenses for certain categories and that too require the approval of specific authorities.

4. If you are not familiar to Arabic language, you need to hire someone who can negotiate for you in Arabic as in Dubai or most regions in the UAE, most transactions especially in government institutions take place in Arabic.

5. Hiring a professional consulting company is yet another wise decision to be made. Most foreign businessmen are not so familiar with the country’s rules and regulations and find it easier to hire a professional who knows it all. It is especially beneficial for beginners that these consulting companies at a certain amount, can work with all the requirements that may take a while to process.

Research well so that you can plan well. There are Free Zones in UAE to take advantage of; however, research about the rules and regulations governing these areas is a must.

Challenges of Owning a Cake Shop

Challenges of Owning a Cake Shop

Even the sound of cake is mouthwatering! This is a multi-billion dollars industry which will only grow with the passage of time. But just like every other business, it has many risks too.

How Cake Businesses is Tough?

From the outside, it seems like the bakery is going just fine and all is sweet and jolly but if you take a deeper look or ask the manager, employees, and the CEO if you get a chance to meet him or her, they will tell you that how frustrating this business can get at some point. You will find the best cake shop in Dubai and you will also find many cake shops in the whole UAE which are always in competition. If you are about to open this business, then you should know about the challenges and risks that you will face so, click for more info here.

  1. Serious Competition: the only thing that you will be facing is massive competition. At some point, you will be at the top of the competition and at some point, you will be in the middle of the race and you will be facing a hard time to get your game back in the competition. YouTube, Facebook and any social media, you name it, are filled with superbly massive creative bakers and their cakes kind of come to life. But at the end of the day, taste matters the most.
  2. Keeping Up with Rules and Laws: ever since the COVID-19 has struck the world, people have become very conscious about cleanliness and hygiene, specially in hotels, restaurants and cafeterias. On daily or at least on weekly basis, you will be receiving different rules and laws about cleanliness from the govt department and you have to pay heed to them or else your business can be sealed for good. And changing your policies and getting the supplies are expensive and it disturbs the routine as well.
  3. Small Profit Margin: small profit margins will not always be slow, it will gradually increase and fasten up when you gain popularity.
  4. High Priced Ingredients: all the ingredients used in a single cake can be expensive. if you use the expensive ones, your cake will taste better than ever.
  5. Working Hours: if you have a massive and huge cake order, then you will have to work for more than many hours.

Finding event management companies

Finding event management companies

This article will be giving tips by which you can find some good event management companies in Dubai. It might be that you want to have any kind of event such as a birthday party, a wedding anniversary, a graduation party, or any formal event for business. So, in this case you will be needing event management companies because you might not be able to manage your event properly.

Following are some tips to find good and correct event management companies.

Referrals and online: You can start finding event management companies by first taking referrals. It could not be possible that any one person from many people you know has never hired an event management company. Many people hire event management companies for the management of their events. So, first ask them. This would be helpful in a way that they would tell you many details which would then help you in choosing the correct event management companies.

One other thing you can do is to search online. You will find many event management companies. But, you cannot hire anyone. You have to know some things about them such the prices, services, etc. You can ask them these things through their website or by visiting them.

Management: Management should be the top most priority for event management companies because they are built for principally this purpose. So, you have to find such event management companies that are absolutely great at management so there is no chaos later on.

Experience: You should never choose event management companies without experience. Experience basically determines the good name of the company. Going for experienced management companies will make your event a success and also you won’t regret hiring them.

Prices: The prices usually depend upon the kind of event you want. If you want a huge event then of course the prices would be high and vice versa. But, good event management companies are those that work according to the budget you have.

Ideas: Good event management companies are those that have amazing and distinctive ideas. Having such ideas would make your event amazing and eye catching.

So, if you really want to find good event management companies then you should definitely follow these tips.

You can find event agency Dubai by almost exactly the same tips as we have mentioned in the above article.

Chinese breakfast ideas for a perfect start of day

Chinese breakfast ideas for a perfect start of day

They argue that breakfast is the most critical dinner of the day and it is surely accurate when it comes to knowing a country’s diet and culture. Breakfast in China can be different from what is usual, but if you take the breakfast in it you are surprised at the various alternatives – you may even skip breakfast there when you go home for a longer journey to China. Ten of our favourite Chinese breakfast foods have been mentioned here. While some are unique to particular cities and areas, most of these dishes are found in China.

Steamed buns

If you walk around in the morning and see the steam cloud blowing from a shop full of big bamboo steams, then you have probably found a steamed bun store! These wheat buns are one of China’s most omnipresent breakfasts. There are hundreds of varieties of filling Baozi in all forms and sizes, starting from plain ones like pork and cabbages to vegetarian ones fed finely sliced vegetables that are more complex. You can only have a few CNYs with a full breakfast of a few baozi. You will also find simple, unfilled bread buns, known as Mantou


Congee is just one term for a form of thin rice porridge common in China and the rest of Asia (the name used in Guangdong). Rice is cooked in water or bag to create congees before the seeds collapse. Congees are bland by themselves (and for that purpose they are often eaten by young people, the old and the diseased), but are generally enhanced to add a flavour and texture to different toppings. Other grains, such as millet, cornmeal, or sorghum, may be made from congees in northern China.

Noodles hot and dry

A feature of the central Chinese town of Wuhan is this Noodle dish. Hot and dry noodles, which were introduced in the 1930s, differed from other dishes of noodles because the fresh noodles are first coated in sesame oil and fried until they are tender. The noodles are served soulless, with condiments such as sesame pasture, garlic chives, pickled vegetable and chili sauce (“hot” part of the name).


Jianbing is a popular breakfast across China for good reason, although it comes from the province of Shandong. A delicious blend of fleas and textures consisting of an egg-toped, sliced crepe, cilantro, sweet bean and chili sauce, each wrapped around either a crispy wonton wrapping or a youtiao according to the Jianbing theme. A delicious blending of flavours and textures. Many Chinese stalls today become innovative by incorporating something such as cheese and ham to their Jianbing fillings.

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Taking Kids to the Dentist

Taking Kids to the Dentist

There are some things in life which have their origins from an unknown place. One such myth is the natural fear that is invoked in children when they have to visit a dentist’s office. For the most part, a dentist is there to save the teeth from any issues. Due to a surge of sugary and junk foods available in the markets today, there is a greater chance of kids getting dental issues at an early stage. Therefore, arranging a regular dental visit is only natural for the parents.

Doctors for Child Care

 The pediatric dentist in Sharjah is well aware of the panic attacks and tantrums that kids throw for a dental visit. Therefore, they try to make their dental office a space where the kids can have fun and feel safe at the same time. It is not uncommon to find play areas in the dental vicinity. In here, the children are allowed to interact with their age group and involve in some fun activities that have been going on there. There are many areas where the kids can enjoy educational land fun dental documentaries that drive the fear of unknown from their minds. The location and setup of the dental office is arranged in such a manner that makes the kids become more at ease and familiar with the place. Cartoon characters and play toys take away the vibe of dangerous dental surgeons from the perception of the young children.

All in all, such a dental clinic is much better than the one where the kids have to wait in line with adults for hours. Therefore, parents prefer to make a dental appointment in such places where their children can relax and treat the dental practice like a routine checkup. The same rules are also being applied to clinics of neurologist in Ajman. In this manner, all types of child specialists can make the patients feel at home and help them relax in a friendly and secure environment.

Stats about marketing

According to the best digital marketing agency in Dubai, if your business is not getting clients and all the genuine leads are failing then it is a confirm case that your business needs some serious load of marketing and digital marketing as well. There are different factors included in digital marketing that can take your business to new heights.

There are some businesses that don’t need much marketing but not all businesses are like that. Now, it seems that if a company does not have a website, it is not genuine or they are not professional and that is why people search for the best kind of web design agency in UAE.

Many people work in the traditional way and some actually work but maybe, its their luck or some really organic and old type of marketing. But that require a lot of effort and patience, most CEOs have effort but they don’t have time for that and that is why digital marketing does the job for them. If you are an old-fashioned CEO, then now is the time to read our stats about marketing so you get the best deals and package of digital marketing today.

Tweet More: for some people Twitter is boring but they should know that 70 percent of the trending hashtags come from Twitter and if you want your twitter account to pick up speed in getting famous, then we suggest that you add some images because tweets with images get more popularity.

Email More: some people think that emailing is a hopeless and drying tradition of doing digital marketing but according to a stat, if you do 50 emails in a day, at least 5 times a day, within a month or two, you can get good leads and these leads then lead to another client.

Be Natural: there are some people who write strictly according to Google’s terms of SEO but there are some really amazing sites which are ranked on the first page and they don’t follow any rules, they just write naturally and people love it so, remember, write for the people, not for Google.

India is Ahead: if you want to market in a country that has the most Facebook users then target India because according to latest stats, there are nearly 280 million Facebook accounts and that are also active.

Types of extinguishers and their uses

Types of extinguishers and their uses

There are four different types of fire extinguishers Dubai which you can get when you need to have the extra protection for your house or for any of the building. There is a compulsion of having them in the bigger building where many people are present always in order to provide protection for all of them and also people should know about how to use them so anyone can use them when the time comes. To find more about the types and uses, you have to see below:


In this kind of extinguisher there will be water comes out of that and they will be used for the fire caused on the wood, paper and textile only and if there is fire from the flammable liquids and if there is some chances of fir according to the gasses or oils then you have to use the relevant type of fire extinguisher.

Foam spray:

These are better than the water ones as they are providing you the protection from fire caused by the wood and textile along with the fire from the flammable liquid too so you can have these in your building when you know that there will be some work these liquids for better protection at the time of need.

Dry powder:

It is the most useful kind of fire extinguisher as it will provide protection from fire caused of many things like the wood, textile, flammable liquids and gases and also from the electrical contact so people are more willing to get these but they are not very common and only bigger buildings or factories are using this. They are difficult to handle and also they are expensive too so you have to go for it after knowing about all the things about it carefully.

Wet chemical:

It is another kind of fire extinguisher and very useful for having in the household because this is the only one which will provide protection from the cooking oil and fats and also there will be from wood and textile so you can use them in your house and keep them for your protection. You should first learn to use them when you are having because it is important that you use carefully without getting panicked when there is fire burst out in your house and you are home alone.

Top benefits of hiring Accounting firms

Every year the growth of businesses is increasing continuously, which is also increasing the demand for accounting experts. Millions of people are seeking accounting as a profession, which shows the importance of this industry. The accounting professionals have the right training and skills to deal with management finance, auditing, and other management tasks. Here are the top benefits of hiring Accounting and audit firms in Dubai.

They accomplish tasks efficiently:

If you are unaware of accounting terms and processes, it might take lots of time to sort out your books and accounting process. However, when professional handle the same job, they can provide you instant results. They have extensive knowledge of accounting terms and methods, which help them managing the accounting process more efficiently. Furthermore, there are fewer chances of making mistakes and errors. So, by hiring an Accounting professional, you can rest assured that you will get accuracy in this process.

Utilization of time in a better way:

When you hire an accounting professional, you do not have to worry about your bookkeeping and financial management. Accounting professionals have the expertise to utilize time in a better way. This way, you can run your business smoothly without any interruption.

Detect errors and loopholes:

One of the significant benefits of hiring Accounting firms is they can detect errors and loopholes in your books instantly. They have years of experience in this field that makes them experts in this business. They know how to find loopholes and errors, and then they provide you a better solution to fix these errors. Moreover, they also bring efficiency to your work and ensure to avoid making costly mistakes.

Make smooth the entire process:

One of the major responsibilities of accounting professionals is to make your process smooth and simple. Their expertise allows them to understand the complicated accounting and bookkeeping process. These professional helps to make your process simple for others.

Increase revenue:

The accounting professional not only manages your finance and transactions but also increase your revenue with the right decisions. They know what financial decisions can give you significant benefits.

Handle your Audit proceeding:

One of the biggest benefits of working with Accounting professionals is they are aware of the INS and out of the auditing process. They prepare every relevant document that can help in audit proceedings. These professionals understand how to achieve high rankings in audit reports that can help you in other business matters.

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Select the right fit out company for your office refurbishment

It is surely a good idea to update or renovate your office once in a while. This article would help you to consider some important aspects when deciding between which office fit-out companies to hire. Find the best interior fit-out company in Dubai, here.

Begin by compiling a list of office fit out companies that might seem reasonable and reliable. You may take help from websites that showcase tried and tested office refurbishment companies so that you may see what other clients have to say about their services. After you have shortlisted some, arrange meetings to discuss your requirements and project details.

Consider the following points while choosing the best fit-out company:

Knowledge and Experience

The ideal office fit out company is one that has a good track record and enough experience. Ask for it and you will find that a high quality, reputable fit out company will already have a portfolio to share with. They would have no problem providing you with references for previous work and even evidence for projects that are similar to yours.

Accreditation and Qualification

Many companies make plenty of claims about they being knowledgeable and experts, but the key is to see whether or not they are accredited and that their staff is well-qualified too. Accreditation ensures quality of work. Look for your national accreditation or ISO certification.

Turnkey projects

Support throughout the entire office refurbishment process is necessary; look for a fit out company that provides a complete turnkey solution. You would need assistance from concept and design, to fitting and management, finishing and after-service on every aspect of the office refurbishment.


Appropriate insurance would be required like insurance to cover clients and customers entering the building whilst a refurbishment is taking place, covering any damages that might occur. Also, the insurance covers the cost relating to the loss or damage to contractor’s equipment, including tools and machinery. Lastly, it protects the contractor in case of claims made for loss or damage from a third party.

Health and Safety

Consider the health and safety of your employees during the refurbishment process. The interior specialists must comply with health and safety regulations, such as the Health & Safety at Work Act 1974. Make sure to see the health and safety policies of the contractors, to ensure they take the appropriate measures against any risks.

Find more here, if you are looking for luxury interior design in Dubai.