Types of extinguishers and their uses

There are four different types of fire extinguishers Dubai which you can get when you need to have the extra protection for your house or for any of the building. There is a compulsion of having them in the bigger building where many people are present always in order to provide protection for all of them and also people should know about how to use them so anyone can use them when the time comes. To find more about the types and uses, you have to see below:


In this kind of extinguisher there will be water comes out of that and they will be used for the fire caused on the wood, paper and textile only and if there is fire from the flammable liquids and if there is some chances of fir according to the gasses or oils then you have to use the relevant type of fire extinguisher.

Foam spray:

These are better than the water ones as they are providing you the protection from fire caused by the wood and textile along with the fire from the flammable liquid too so you can have these in your building when you know that there will be some work these liquids for better protection at the time of need.

Dry powder:

It is the most useful kind of fire extinguisher as it will provide protection from fire caused of many things like the wood, textile, flammable liquids and gases and also from the electrical contact so people are more willing to get these but they are not very common and only bigger buildings or factories are using this. They are difficult to handle and also they are expensive too so you have to go for it after knowing about all the things about it carefully.

Wet chemical:

It is another kind of fire extinguisher and very useful for having in the household because this is the only one which will provide protection from the cooking oil and fats and also there will be from wood and textile so you can use them in your house and keep them for your protection. You should first learn to use them when you are having because it is important that you use carefully without getting panicked when there is fire burst out in your house and you are home alone.