Things to Keep in Mind Before Property Valuation

When it comes to selling a house, there are many things to keep in mind before property valuation in UAE takes place. A simple tip is that if you have any kind of security deposits, they should be returned before you do any property valuation. You can also request an appraisal estimate to see how much your home is worth. There are many things to consider when doing a property valuation.


One of the things to keep in mind before property valuation is location. A good rule of thumb is that homes in good locations will usually sell for more than homes located in bad locations. Some examples of good locations are located close to hospitals, schools, shopping centers, and other amenities. On the other hand, a potential home seller should be aware that homes that are poorly located will most likely not sell. On the flip side, of course, if you are considering a particular location because it is perfect for you, then make sure you are willing to move if the house doesn’t sell.

Condition of the home:

Another thing to keep in mind before property valuation is the condition of the home. Most buyers like to buy homes that are in great condition. They also like to buy homes where the lawns are well cut and the landscaping is up to par. If the inside of the home needs work or is looking dated, then this could drive down the overall value of the home. On the other hand, if the inside looks nice but the roof needs work or there are missing windows, then these things may help to increase the value of the home.

Make sure your home is structurally sound

Probably one of the most important things to keep in mind before property valuation is the overall condition of the home. People love to buy houses that are structurally sound and that have no visible damage. However, this should never be a primary consideration for the buyer. They will more than likely want to know what the house sold for as well as how much money they are going to get on the home.

When you get ready to take the house into the appraiser, always give them a realistic estimate of what the house is worth. Remember that this will be a three-way deal with you, the seller, and the real estate agent. The appraisal process can be very easy if you follow the guidelines above. All in all, these are some great things to keep in mind before property valuation.